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We have the wingfoil courses that best suit your needs. Let yourself be guided, and we will take you where you never imagined.

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All our
courses include

equipment 2022

We use the best brands on the market, with seasonal material for rapid progression.

no previous experience

There is no requirement to learn wingsurfing.
Just the desire to learn!

individual classes

Make the most of your time with an instructor just for you and a full wingfoil team.

maximum security

We have developed a teaching method, over the years, based on safety. You can rest assured, you are in good hands.

reasons to choose
wingfoil ibiza

We have more than 20 years of experience teaching watersports. From windsurfing to kitesurfing, and most recently wingfoiling.

Our teaching system guarantees quick results, without wasting your time, directly to what matters most. So you can come out of the course with the necessary knowledge to continue your path wingfoiling day by day. 

Learning something new means getting out of your comfort zone, daring yourself, and proving that anybody can meet their objectives if they put in the work. 

Helping you learn a new sport goes further than getting on top of a board and flying. It’s being there for you, supporting you when you keep on falling into the water, trusting yourself and your potential. Not only you can learn how to fly without previous experience, but you can achieve anything that you propose during this life. 

All our courses are individual.

At Wingfoil Ibiza, we believe that people have completely different learning curves, which is why we don’t hold group classes. We dedicate all our effort and time to our students on an individualized basis to correct and guide them at every moment to ensure rapid progress with minimal errors.

The courses at Wingfoil Ibiza are focused on high performance and on-the-spot correction to guarantee results. This methodology ensures the best development for each student and the achievement of the set objectives.

Even though it is a small island, hundreds of people try wingfoiling and become addicted. That is why, once they finish the course, they join our club to buy equipment at the best price and enjoy free training just for coming to the beach with us.

This has ended up forming a large community of riders who meet both in and out of the water and share wingfoiling as a common interest.

Meals, meetings, events, competitions… the Wingfoil Ibiza club stays very active to promote wingfoiling on the island and to entertain and improve the skill level of regular riders.

Many schools operate under the idea of setting schedules and having the clients adapt to them. Here at Wingfoil Ibiza, we work entirely the opposite way.

With our methodology of personalized classes, you decide when you want to come and how many hours, and we adapt to you.

We will advise you on the best times based on the wind, your level, and skill, and from there, you decide when, how, and how much.

We believe that giving people the freedom to choose makes them more predisposed and motivated, and it has been proven that this way of operating yields better results, as the students come more prepared.

It might all sound too good to be true, and we are aware that we are not impartial when talking about our school.

However, when more than 300 students have completed our courses happy and soaring, and they recommend us to all their friends, it means we are doing something really well.

We believe so strongly in people and their ability to learn that we bring out the best in everyone to help them achieve their goals.

This guarantees results and the satisfaction of our clients like no other. That’s why we have set ourselves apart with our unique way of teaching wing foil.

Puede que todo suene demasiado bien para ser verdad. Y somos conscientes que no somos imparciales al hablar de nuestra escuela. 

Pero cuando más de 300 alumnos han salido de los cursos felices y volando, cuando nos recomiendan a todas sus amistades, significa que algo estamos haciendo realmente bien.

Y es que creemos tan firmemente en la gente, y en su capacidad de aprender, que exprimimos lo mejor de todos ellos para que alcancen sus objetivos.

Esto nos garantiza resultados y la satisfacción de nuestros clientes como nadie. Y por eso nos hemos desmarcado del camino con nuestra manera de enseñar el wingfoil.


The best spots in Ibiza

Discover the best spots on the island of Ibiza to practice Wingsurfing, both in winter and summer.

Wingfoil Ibiza - map Ibiza
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Consigue ahora 2 horas  de curso de Wingfoil GRATIS al darte de alta en el club!!

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